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I just want to thank you again for the advice…Not only was it very helpful, but it lifted a very heavy weight off my shoulders. You actually spent the time to talk to me and helped me resolve my problems and that means the world to me! Thank You!! Sincerely, M Ream

M. Ream

Not only is Mark extremely knowledgeable about his business and very successful at what he does-providing cash advance funding to plaintiffs who can then afford to wait for a successful and fair judgment or settlement-but he has a high degree of integrity and that is priceless. I’ve enjoyed working with Mark because of his genuine care for others, his desire to help anyone in need and his humor and warmth. I believe anyone that works with him at Lawsuit Financial is in good hands.

Kim Greenspan, Business Consultant, MI

Mark provides a valuable service to both plaintiffs and their attorneys. His financing allows cases to move forward when they otherwise might not. Give him a call to review your situation.

Michael Acho, Certified Financial Planner, MI

Mark Bello is excellent at finding good investment opportunities for financing litigation cases. I have funded cases with Mark for more than three years, and have had very good results overall during that time.

Ted Clark, Investor, UT

Mark was a plaintiff’s attorney for about 36 years before starting a company designed to help plaintiffs prevail by preventing powerful defendants from starving them out. He is one of the most active and supportive of our rank-and-file members. If I need someone to help with a letter to the editor, or to post something on our list server, or to step up and help at one of our community outreach events, Mark is always first in line. Mark supports our PAC and is a great help in a great many ways. He is not some disinterested, outside, third-party vendor. Mark is a loyal and dedicated trial lawyer and someone you want on your team. Mark is one of us.

Jesse Green, Attorney & Director of Communications, Michigan Association for Justice

If you have a client looking for an advance or to sell his/her structured settlement, then I suggest you contact Mark Bello at Lawsuit Financial… I have used him to advance money to my clients…and he has been very fair. He will treat you well.

Stephen Apolinsky, Georgia Trial Lawyer, Decatur, GA

Mark Bello at Lawsuit Financial is great to work with, and is much, much more fair to the clients than the other companies. The clients that Mark has funded for me have been very pleased. The process was non-invasive and very lawyer-friendly.

Joey Niskar, Michigan Trial Attorney

I am very pleased and willing to highly recommend the services of Lawsuit Financial Corporation to my fellow attorneys whose clients should never be forced to accept minimal settlements of personal injury matters because of pressing personal financial needs.

The reality is that good personal injury cases often require the payment of substantial costs of litigation all too familiar to the experienced personal injury advocate. The irony is, however, that because of the client’s serious injuries the costs come when the client can least afford to pay for them. Meanwhile, the insurance company defending the case has plenty of resources to bring to bear in defending its insured.

Insurance companies know all too well that if injured people cannot keep up with them financially, they will soon become discouraged and end up settling their claims for much less than they are worth.

That’s where Lawsuit Financial Corporation comes in. From personal experience I can say that Lawsuit Financial Corporation provided me with the adequate time I needed to negotiate the best possible settlement for my clients and provided my clients with the ability, otherwise lacking, to bring their case to a very successful conclusion. Lawsuit Financial Corporation was prompt, caring, considerate and highly professional.

Timothy Walsh, Attorney at Law, IN

I second and third Norm’s endorsement. I have had several [clients in need of lawsuit funding] in the past two years who have worked with Mark Bello-and he has been a wonderful help, backing me up when the clients are asking for too much, and checking in with us on a very regular basis to find out how the case is proceeding. I am thankful is a lawyer and a MAJ member. It makes a difference. Now, with 15 years under my belt, living in the economic nightmare of Mich, I can see why this [lawsuit funding] service can be helpful.

Eugenie Eardley, Michigan Association of Justice Member, MI

This year, after 30 years in the practice, I had a client that had a legitimate economic problem, although very minor by most standards. They had contacted numerous internet sources. I spoke with Mark, he asked for info on the case and client and then we had a phone conference with the client. I was very impressed with the entire [lawsuit funding] transaction. I give him 5 Stars.

Norman D. Tucker, Lawyer and MAJ Past President, MI
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