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We are the Experts:  We Pioneered the Lawsuit Funding Industry

Why choose us?  Simple: Lawsuit Financial is owned and operated by the most experienced provider of legal funding services in the United States.  

Unlike most funding companies, we are attorney owned and operated, don’t charge any upfront fees or compounding interest, provide an industry exclusive compromise clause in our contract, offer a transparent flat rate repayment structure, and help plaintiffs find resources to lower bills and save money through our one of a kind Free Client Resource Center.

Lawsuit Financial vs. The Competition 

As a personal injury attorney helping victims for almost 25 years, Lawsuit Financial’s founder and CEO Mark Bello saw a desperate need to connect lawsuit funding and personal injury clients.  Financial desperation or devastation caused many client to consider or accept inadequate offers from their insurance company—pennies on the dollar!  After years of faithful service to his clients, Mark decided to tackle the issue of insurance companies’ financial power being used to crush plaintiffs and attorneys, forcing injury victims to settle for less than full case value.  Mark said:  “It is morally unfair to see clients financially bullied and forced, by economic circumstance, to settle for pennies on the dollar”.  He realized he could do something about the injustice big insurance companies wreak on vulnerable, injured people. Mark decided to stop practicing law and became one of the pioneers of the litigation financing industry.

The Lawsuit Financial team has an in-depth understanding of the complex legal ins and outs of the plaintiff personal injury process. We know what attorneys experience when representing injured or disabled people on a contingency fee basis.  How will clients support themselves when a case resolution is months or years away and no money is coming in because of injury or disability?  We understand the stress victims experience not knowing how to pay for living expenses, not to mention mounting medical bills caused by the accident. We know, and we understand.

At Lawsuit Financial, we’ve seen it all. When you come to us for help, you are benefitting from a unique combination of years of legal and legal funding experience, especially, the wisdom of one of the founders of the lawsuit financing industry. We treat everyone with exceptional professionalism, and we always do what is in the best interest of the client and the litigation.

For us, it’s not always about profit, and it is always about service—service to the legal community, and service to the plaintiff community. Contact us today, the call is free, the advice is free and our application is free, with no obligation to do anything.

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