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A Dependable Source Of Lawsuit Funding

The team at Lawsuit Financial is well-acquainted with the process that plaintiffs and their attorneys face when pursuing personal injury litigation.  Why? Because our firm has years of hands-on litigation experience. Our CEO, Mark Bello, was a practicing attorney for almost 25 years; he helped thousand of plaintiffs get fair compensation for their injuries. Now he specializes in assisting your clients with their financial hardships.  He feels that he can help more people this way.

Lawsuit Financial provides litigation funding, cash advances to clients for necessities of life like groceries, car payments, utilities, or house payments. We know how difficult it is to juggle everyday expenses with a stressful trial and costly medical treatments, which is why we are dedicated to providing speedy and reliable service. Have questions? Feel free to browse for information about our plaintiff funding service. We also provide funding for your medical treatments, medications, and hospital bills. You’ll also find detailed information about our fast and simple funding process.

At Lawsuit Financial, we encourage plaintiffs and attorneys to take advantage of our extensive legal and legal funding experience to shape the exceptional funding services we provide. We will work closely with clients and their attorneys to ensure that clients get exactly what they need. We don’t provide legal advice ourselves, but if you have not yet retained an attorney and wish assistance in locating one, we are happy to provide access to our nationwide network of trusted and experienced attorneys. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation and discuss your options. You’ll be glad you did.