How We Help Doctors

Helping Patients Get The Right Treatment

As healthcare professionals, you’re well aware of the hardships patients can experience after a sudden injury or illness. Patients without adequate medical insurance can often be overwhelmed with added expenses, making it difficult to get the right treatment while juggling basic necessities like groceries, rent, and utility bills. This situation becomes even more stressful when patients pursue personal injury lawsuits. Lawsuit Financial is dedicated to assisting patients with their financial troubles, particularly when it comes to hospital bills and medical expenses.

If you have a patient in need of financial assistance,  let them know about our litigation funding service for outstanding medical treatment and billing. We’re led by the industry expert; Mark Bello has decades of experience in handling complex personal injury litigation and in providing lawsuit funding to plaintiffs in need of these services. We understand the unique challenges you face with patients who are also personal injury plaintiffs; we will help you treat them and we will offer effective billing and payment solutions. Whatever your patients’ situations, we will do all that we can to facilitate treatment, surgery, diagnostics, rehabilitation, therapy, medications, and more and facilitate prompt and fair compensation to you and/or your facility. We are pleased to work alongside you and discuss your questions and concerns.

Once approved for funding and/or treatment, your patients get the treatment they need and you or your facility receive agreed upon payment within 30 days of invoice submission. Lawsuit Financial’s medical assistance program permits you to treat patients you would otherwise not accept, provide the best possible care and receive prompt and fair payment for your services. If you have questions or desire further information on this valuable program, please contact Lawsuit Financial now. 

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