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Get A Fighting Chance With Lawsuit Funding

A personal injury lawsuit is a huge commitment. No matter how straightforward your case may seem, it often takes months or years to resolve in our current legal system. Many personal injury plaintiffs need the opportunity to recoup the money they’ve lost after missing work and paying for medical treatment. And the ugly truth is that many large insurance companies deliberately drag out the legal process, hoping to drain your resources and force you to settle too early for too little compensation. Lawsuit Financial was established to provide the time and the money for a fighting chance at full and fair compensation for your loss.

How We Help Attorneys

We communicate directly with plaintiffs and their lawyers to ensure plaintiffs get the help they need to obtain full justice and fairness. With our years of practical legal and legal funding experience, attorney can concentrate on obtaining full the value of the litigation without worrying that their clients will be unable to continue the legal battle.

How We Help Plaintiffs

Approved plaintiffs can often receive a cash advance within 24 to 48 hours of their first contact with our firm. Our funds can help you pay living expenses and medical bills while you wait for full justice in your case, whether by settlement or verdict. And, if you have not yet retained an attorney, we have relationships with trusted lawyers all over the country who are waiting to help you and are familiar with our services. We can also provide a free case and  funding analysis before the referral; all you need to do is apply.

How We Help Doctors

Lawsuit Financial will  also work with your doctors and, if necessary, advance medical bills owed by an approved plaintiff. We have decades of experience in personal injury law and litigation funding, so you can trust in the knowledge and professionalism we’ll deliver throughout the legal and medical process.  We want to be certain that you have full access to quality care, not only because it will help heal your injuries, but because it will help you get full compensation for your injuries. Fill out a simple intake form, either online or by phone and we will request information from you attorney and/or doctors and evaluate your legal and medical situation. Once you are approved, Lawsuit Financial will stay in contact with the lawyer and/or doctor and stay up-to-date on your case and your financial situation. And remember, Lawsuit Financial provides financial assistance risk free to you: IF YOUR LAWSUIT FAILS TO RECOVER, YOU KEEP OUR MONEY AND OWE US NOTHING! Please call 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) or email us for more details.

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