How We Help Plaintiffs

Fast Financial Relief In Your Time Of Need

As a personal injury plaintiff, you have a lot on your plate. Aside from managing physical and emotional issues that follow your accident, you’re likely dealing with issues of disability from work and unpaid bills, while trying to get better and stay involved in your lawsuit. For many people, the entire process can be overwhelming, especially since the average plaintiff has never been through anything like this before.  Insurance companies do this every day and have all the time and money in the world.  They are in no rush; in fact delaying litigation, denying benefits or compensation, refusing to cooperate, and confusing the issues is what they do best.  They know how to play the system. Thankfully, your experienced attorney and our experienced lawsuit funding team have been there before—and we’re here to offer our assistance.

For decades, the people behind Lawsuit Financial have worked alongside personal injury plaintiffs and attorneys.  We are plaintiff funding specialists, pioneers of the lawsuit funding industry.  Many have tried to follow in our footsteps, but none fill our shoes and few can measure up to the exceptional service we provide. We can make sure that all of your medical and everyday expenses are covered so you concentrate on a full medical and financial recovery in your case. And Lawsuit Financial offers additional, often free, resources that you will not find from any of our competitors.

Don’t have a lawyer? We can make a recommendation through our attorney referral program. We’ll work closely with your lawyer throughout the funding process, ensuring that we both keep each other in the loop. All you have to worry about is filing your application and waiting to receive your money (often sent within 24 to 48 hours of approval). You’ll only pay us back if your lawsuit is successful, so you risk nothing by working with us.

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