Fire & Explosion Cases/Burn Injuries

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Fires can lead to devastating losses, damaged property, injury and illness, medical bills, and even death. When another person’s negligence causes a residential or commercial building fire, the resulting chaos often leads to burn-related deaths and other personal injuries. Aside from building fires, however, burn injuries can also result from scalding water, vehicle accidents, electrical fires, gas explosions, and industrial chemicals. You have a debilitating burn injury and you’re entitled to file a lawsuit to pursue the damages you’re owed.  But, how will you support yourself during the period of disability and beyond?  While you’re waiting for your lawsuit to resolve?  How will you pay your bills?  That’s where we come in.

Whether you’ve lost your home in a residential fire, you’ve become disabled from a severe burn injury, or you suffered the loss of a loved one, you may need financial support to see you through this difficult time. Lawsuit Financial can provide the money you need to support you and your family while you wait to resolve your fire or explosion lawsuit. Call us toll free at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848), fill out the form on this page, or click here to access our additional online contact form and we’ll work together to explore your options.

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