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At Lawsuit Financial, we know the real cost of a personal injury lawsuit. Court fees, administrative fees, the cost of expert testimony.  You’ve spent a lot of your own money trying to achieve justice for your client.  But your client’s injury prevents him or her from working.  How can you assure that the client will wait out the process for full compensation rather than jumping on the insurance company’s initial, inadequate, offer.  Desperate clients will make bad decisions unless their desperation can be resolved. We know these things; we’ve witnessed them firsthand. As an attorney-owned and operated firm, we understand the challenges you face as well as the difficult choices you must help your your client make.

Lawsuit Financial sets the ultimate standard of excellence and experience in the lawsuit funding industry. Our company is owned and operated by the industry leader, with more combined legal and lawsuit funding expertise than anyone else in the business. Along with our vast experience, we offer one of the quickest approval times in the market. We can often approve your client’s case for funding in less than one hour from receipt of the case materials, putting money in your client’s pocket within 24 hours and giving you the time you need to get your client full and fair compensation.

Our litigation funding service helps your client pay bills and removes the pressure to accept inadequate settlement offers due to pressing financial need. With your cooperation, we can provide your client with the cash he or she needs to stay the course.  And the only collateral we require is a lien on the litigation you are handling for that client. We underwrite quickly, value cases expertly, and provide funds by wire, ACH, or overnight mail. All you need to do is acknowledge or lien, keep us informed, and pay us back once you and your client are successful in the litigation.

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