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When our firm receives litigation funding requests, the majority are linked to personal injury cases. An injury caused by another person’s negligence can have life-changing repercussions. A person may suffer severe injuries and disabilities, significant medical expenses, lost wages, and/or a long-term loss of earning capacity all at once. If you’ve recently been injured in an accident, it is unfair to have financial struggles piled on top of your physical and emotional distress. How do you pay for your basic necessities—like mortgage payments, rent, bills, groceries, and school—while you wait for a verdict, or simple progress, on your lawsuit?

Even with a terrific lawyer and a strong case, lawsuits can take months and years to resolve. We started Lawsuit Financial to bridge this gap. We are legal funding industry leaders; we’ve seen others follow our lead, but few perform with the professionalism, speed, and compassion that we provide on a regular basis. If we approve your case, you’ll get the cash you need now, and you’ll only pay us back if your lawsuit succeeds. If you lose, you’ll keep our money free of charge. Fill out the form on this page or Contact us at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) to discuss your lawsuit funding needs. We are happy to work with your experienced lawyer; or, if you don’t have a lawyer, we can refer you to some of the best attorneys in your area.

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