Timothy Walsh, Attorney at Law, IN

I am very pleased and willing to highly recommend the services of Lawsuit Financial Corporation to my fellow attorneys whose clients should never be forced to accept minimal settlements of personal injury matters because of pressing personal financial needs.

The reality is that good personal injury cases often require the payment of substantial costs of litigation all too familiar to the experienced personal injury advocate. The irony is, however, that because of the client’s serious injuries the costs come when the client can least afford to pay for them. Meanwhile, the insurance company defending the case has plenty of resources to bring to bear in defending its insured.

Insurance companies know all too well that if injured people cannot keep up with them financially, they will soon become discouraged and end up settling their claims for much less than they are worth.

That’s where Lawsuit Financial Corporation comes in. From personal experience I can say that Lawsuit Financial Corporation provided me with the adequate time I needed to negotiate the best possible settlement for my clients and provided my clients with the ability, otherwise lacking, to bring their case to a very successful conclusion. Lawsuit Financial Corporation was prompt, caring, considerate and highly professional.

Timothy Walsh, Attorney at Law, IN
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