Money Saving Tips


Below are a few small changes in your day that can make big changes in your wallet!


Stop drinking soda (or another beverage of choice):

Giving up this fizzy drink can save you an estimated $50 a month! Going cold turkey with other drinks, from coffee to bottled water, can produce similar effects. If you’re used to two or three sodas a day, the change could save you upwards of $30 a month.


Cook big:

Make lot of soup, chili, and other big dishes that can turn into leftovers or even go into the freezer for future meals. To spruce up the dishes and make them even bigger, add pasta or rice.


Plan ahead:

By loosely deciding in advance which meals to cook on which nights, you avoid eating out simply because it seems easier.


Make your own cleaning supplies:

Martha Stewart has long recommended vinegar and lemons as kitchen cleaners. To absorb unpleasant smells, leave vinegar in a shallow bowl on a kitchen counter. To deodorize a garbage disposal, squeeze lemon juice down it. You can save up to $10 a month on cleaning supplies.


Take cooler showers:

Skipping hot water will reduce the expense of heating up the water as well as the water bill itself since you’ll likely take shorter showers.


Get rid of your car:

While minimizing car use can save cash, cutting out car use altogether and using public transportation, biking, and walking can work just as well and saves a lot more.


Reuse plastic sandwich bags:

Sandwich bags can be easily rinsed out and dried and used again the next day. As long as the bags didn’t touch raw meat, it’s hygienic—and environmentally friendly. With a pack of 100 bags going for around $3, a family of four can save about $30 a year.


Move back home with your parents or co-live with another family:

Even if it means giving up some privacy, you gain much more. By co-living with parents or other families, you are able to split all home expenses, groceries, purchase most items in bulk, cook big split childcare costs or even trade, carpool etc. You can save over $3,000 a month on virtually every aspect of your life– home, car, family, food and more!

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