Holiday Guide to Saving Money


Gift Buying

Look for Discounted Gift Cards

There are a variety of sites that sell discounted gift cards. People will sell their unwanted gift cards for less than the face value of the card, so you’ll end up saving. Sites like Plastic Jungle, Gift Card Granny, Gift Card Rescue and Raise sell gift cards with deep discounts and will ship the card straight to your door for free. You can find $20 gift cards for $15 or less!

Start Searching Sales and Deals Now

Once you have an idea of potential gifts for the people on your list, you can keep an eye out for great deals. Check in frequently with sites a like Amazon, Groupon and other deal sites. You can even set price alerts for specific items with free sites like CamelCamelCamel, ZingSale and Shopobot. Then you’ll be the first to know when the price drops for an item on your list.

Homemade Gifts

Start your homemade gifts as early as possible. Ideas include knitting or crocheting, decorating a recipe box or terracotta pot, painting a custom wine glass or money clip. Search the internet for tons of other great ideas!


Cooking and Decorations

Start buying now

If you are cooking holiday dinner, look for non-perishable items that are on sale now or items that can be kept frozen. Hunt for coupons to use between now and then as well. Try to plan your meal around what you find for less money. Some stores raise prices around the holidays for items that are in high demand. By shopping early, you can avoid paying more for the same items.

Group Effort

Instead of cooking (and paying) for everyone, make your dinner a holiday potluck. You can make the main course and allow others to bring salad, side dishes and desserts!

Dining Decor

If you don’t have a festive tablecloth, use wrapping paper as placements. Also, red and green ribbon can be purchased for as little as $1 per spool and can be used for almost anything- tie bows on plain candle sticks, vases, on chair backs, or make the table look like a wrapped gift; the possibilities are endless!



The discount gift card sites listed earlier aren’t just good for buying gifts. Purchase them for your own use and save money on holiday entertainment. Whether it’s for a restaurant or a family movie day, there are gift cards for all kinds of holiday family fun. Be sure to compare websites for the best deals. Always check for a Groupon or Amazon Local Deal before going anywhere!

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