Upfront fees


No upfront fees


Fees added at end for final payoff


No back-end fees


Fees rolled into contract (ex: client receives $1,000 in pocket but contract is for $1,500)


Contract amount is the same amount the client
receives in pocket


Compounding Interest


Flat rate, easy to understand funding


Charges compounding interest on fees


Lawsuit Financial pays for all costs of funding and does not charge compounding interest


No written guarantee the company will compromise


Compromise guarantee clause written in contract


If they can’t fund you, they won’t help you


Our Free Client Resource Center helps plaintiffs—funded or not—find free/discounted assistance options both locally and nationally.


High advance minimum requirements with no advice


No minimum advance requirement. We encourage all clients to request only what they NEED because lawsuit funding is expensive if the case succeeds. Clients are dissuaded from paying off anything with no interest or low interest.


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